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Terms of Serviçes

​By creating an account, the user accepts the terms and services and other agreements related to this website and the systems integrated and related to it.

The use and sharing of data internally and externally in the case of advertisements and publicity.

The possibility of purchasing services and subscriptions.

The purchase and use of any services are the responsibility of the users without compensation.

These may be changed or modified at any time for any reason without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

The website collects demographic and personal data and information, among other information, for the management and maintenance of the platform and related operations.
The user accepts the terms of sharing and use of data when registering on the platform, the user is responsible for their data and information disclosed or collected between them and the platform as well as those responsible for sharing data with third parties.

Copywriting Terms

Each user is responsible for their own content they post, and for the use of third party images. The responsibility belongs to the user and not the platform. Any and all non-authorized use of third party images and content will be charged to the user for legal responsibility and legal use towards the same.

When creating an account. And when posting content, the user guarantees that that content belongs to them and not to third parties, taking full responsibility for the image and use of "Copywriting"

User Responsibility Terms

The user agrees to the responsibilities regarding their data and information as well as the use of their image and that of third parties.
Responsibility for legal matters and terms and applications towards the user towards other users and towards the platform

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